Hudson Park Beautification

The Faithful City Crush Servant-Leader did a great job of cleaning at Hudson Park today but the better part is our lovely fellowship in the united servant heart across generations, cultures and all differences!

Hudson Park

TFC Leadership Retreat

TFC conducted a leadership retreat from March 3 - March 5, 2015 in a 3-day camp at Spirit in The Desert retreat center. The retreat focussed on Dealing with bitterness in life among participants.

TFC playing a major role in MYlife 2.0

SHINE Phoenix started replacing My Life on 3rd Wednesday!

It was a GOOD beginning as all youth and senior leaders from communities came and actively engaged in the discussion for My Life 2.0 development and individual accountability focus!

Hudson Park Beautification

The Faithful City Crush Servant-Leaders serve Hudson Manor Tempe with cleaning and fellowship! — at Hudson Park.

Young people from high school to college graduates from the nations, Saturday morning to serve the community! Hope for the future world!!

Hudson Park

TFC CRUSH Face Painting at BasketBall 101

The Faithful City Crush Servant-Leader Face painting at Basketball 101 Fun Night !!

The Faithful City participated at Basketball 101 Fun Night and did amazing Face painting

CRUSH Luncheon 2015

TFC marches in MLK Parade 2016

The Faithful City is part of Mesa MLK parade celebration! Love & Respect for MLK and the legacy!!

We marched for MLK festival in Mesa, as part of global community for better world tomorrow!!


TFC CRUSH Luncheon 2015

The Faithful City Crush Servant-Leader Annual Luncheon (Oct 31) was AMAZING with AMAZING people of Servant Leadership!!

2015 TFC CRUSH Servant Leadership Award went to Linda Morris, Ben and Sarah Sanders, Henry, Rosie!!

CRUSH Luncheon 2015

TFC participated in RAT Race 2015

The Faithful City participated in annual RAT RACE ( Run Against Trafficking) for the 2nd time to raise aware against human trafficking.

Hudson Park Beautification

TFC Crush Servant-Leaders After RAT Race, we are cleaning Hudson Park as our monthly commitment for years. Gather to love, Scatter to serve!!

Hudson Park

Rocking it to Adulthood: Youth Conference

The Faithful City Crush Servant-Leader worked with Hayley Winterberg for Rocking it to Adulthood: Youth Conference! Amazing leadership, workshops and volunteerism!!

Hudson Park

Volunteer Recognition Award for TFC

The Faithful City was awarded the Volunteer Recognition Award for Hudson Park Beautification Project with the City of Tempe Award! TFC has been gathering every first Saturday of the month since 2009 to clean the park. Sincerely appreciate the project managers, Samir Gupta and Nihanth Wagmi!!

City of Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell with Councilmember Lauren Kuby present the award to Pastor Yoo.

Hudson Park

ASU CORA Donates to Project COPE

After CORA Downtown funded Project COPE $300, CORA Tempe decided to fund Project COPE $1500! Wow, Thank You, CORA Downtown and CORA Tempe!!!

Hudson Park

New International Students Welcome

As new year new semester starts, TFC Crush Servant-Leaders are getting busy welcoming new international students at ASU Tempe campus !
The Faithful City Crush Servant-Leaders also served with face painting for ASU CIS Basketball 101 event followed by CRUSH fellowship as we revitalize Project COPE to collect shampoos and soaps for HOPE Fest!

Hudson Park

Hudson Park Beautification

TFC Crush Servant-Leaders start 2015 with Hudson Manor Tempe Park Beautification as our regular community service last several years! Welcome Aditya Choukulkar from Colorado and Sai Prasanna from Kansas, our proud alum and they have sudden visit to serve together at their heartfelt home, The Faithful City !

Hudson Park

A-Mountain top Prayer

Happy New Year, everyone! The Faithful City just did "A" mountain top prayer at sun rise, Jan 1st, 2015!! Welcoming the Lord in this new year with Psalm 25:1-15!!!

Hudson Park

PASSAGE Transition Holiday Party

PASSAGE Transition Youth Coalition had Holiday Assembly reflecting all years' effort in the past and envisioning coming year's service to the youth! The Fatihful City Crush Servant-Leader ran the program with Board of Directors of PASSAGE Coalition!!

Hudson Park

TFC presents for AZ Summit on Volunteerism

What would encourage a young volunteer’s long-term commitment to volunteerism and service learning? The workshop presented systematic measurement and reflection exercises for internalizing meaningfulness in serving the community and achieving self-actualization as servant leader. The reflective practice for meaningful self would facilitate a long-term commitment to volunteer activity. In addition, TFC introduced how to develop a relational accountability to sustain and grow a meaningful lifestyle servant leadership.

Stadium CleanUp

Hudson Park Beautification

The Faithful City Crush Servant-Leaders serve Hudson Manor Tempe with cleaning and fellowship! — at Hudson Park.

Young people from high school to college graduates from the nations, Saturday morning to serve the community! Hope for the future world!!

Hudson Park

TFC Thanksgiving Gathering

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone with love of God that flows forever! So grateful for Jesus who brought life everlasting, family in his love, community of hope and passionately reaches to the nations faithfully and powerfully!!

Good time with TFC family for thanksgiving dinner! Great food, good people and fun fellowship!!

Stadium CleanUp

TFC CRUSH Luncheon 2014

The Faithful City Crush Servant-Leader Annual Luncheon (Nov 15) was AMAZING with AMAZING people of Servant Leadership!!

2014 TFC CRUSH Servant Leadership Award went to Dr. Cliff Moon, Terrilyn Miller, Mayank Prasad (Max), Sharath Patil!!

Stadium CleanUp

TFC Cleans Up ASU Stadium

TFC servant leaders, waking up early morning on Sunday and join to the community service! After big win against Notre Dame we clean the stadium, clean the heart, clean the community!
Go ASU and Go TFC Servant Leaders.

Stadium CleanUp

Run Against Trafficking (RAT) Race

The Run Against Trafficking (R.A.T. Race) mission is to raise funds for organizations working to end sex trafficking in Arizona and Southeast Asia.

The Faithful City Crush Servant-Leader participated RAT Race AZ to run against trafficking!! Thank you, Brenda Perkins Gifford, Andrea Tyler Evans and all other amazing people!! It was great to be with Hugh Hallman again for the good cause of our community!!

Sparky prays for ASU.

My dear youngest daughter Joyce! Before Taylor's Place was built, there was Sparky's Carnival (2008) and we made him pray with us :) Yesterday there's Sparky's Carnival at ASU Downtown campus 6 yrs later and we made him pray with us again! Beautifully grown up high schooler Joyce, love you so much!! Just simply Praise the Lord!!!
-Pastor Yoo

TFC @ ASU Downtown Sparky's Carnival

TFC welcomed new and returning students at ASU Downtown Campus with face painting and making balloon art during the Sparky's Carnival.

ASU International Students Airport Pick-Up

TFC is part of ASU int'l student airport pick up as TFC members welcome International Students for 2014-15 year!

TFC @ Refugee Highway Conference 2014

Pastor Yoo and Jessica Pullen presented a model of lifestyle discipleship and servant leadership in the diasporic community and postmodern cultural context. Examined missiological paradigms of field work, seeking a Biblically solid and culturally sensitive model to raise Jesus followers in today's complex and fast changing world. Most foundational and inspirational root of multi-ethnic discipleship ministry, the impartation of Father's heart, will be discussed with theological explanation and practical stories.
It was GREAT gathering with GREAT people. HUGE THANKS to Bonnie Lloyd and Cherie Gray!!
Web -

Graduation Party 2014

The Faithful City held a graduation Potluck party for students graduating in Spring 2014. Students were given the opportunity to share about their journey through ASU and the impact that Crush servant leadership had in transforming their lifestyle.

Arizona Blue Ribbon Foster Family Event

The Faithful City Crush Servant-Leaders did face painting for foster family children on April 26 at Chase Field as Arizona Blue Ribbon Association invited 1000 foster family members to DBacks game!

Governor at AZ Blue Ribbon Foster Family Event

The Governor visited the face painting table organized by The Faithful City at the Arizona Blue Ribbon event held at Chase Field.

TFC at Hope Fest 2014

The Faithful City participated in the annual Hope Fest held at Chase Field on April 5. TFC organized face painting and gave out balloon animals and water tattoos. Servant leaders also volunteered to help during event set up and various service activities.

TFC at MyFest 2014

TFC contributed in MyFest on March 23 at Tempe Beach Park by organizing a flash mob, conducting face painting, organizing games and providing voluntary service at the event.

TFC recognized at MyFest 2014

The Faithful City was recognized with an award for its service and organizational efforts at MyFest 2014. It was a great award of appreciation for the servant leaders who have been serving the community with MYLIFE program.

TFC Leadership Retreat

TFC conducted a leadership retreat from March 7 - March 9, 2014 in a 3-day camp at Prescott. The retreat focussed on imbibing leadership skills and virtues among participants.

TFC Flash Mob Practice Sessions

TFC practised for the upcoming FlashMob at MyFest with dance sessions by Big J.

TFC participates MyFest 2014

The Faithful City does Flash Mob as a part of MyFest. MyFest is a FREE community event planned and produced by MY LIFE (Magellan Youth Leaders Inspiring Future Empowerment), which consists of youth between the ages of 13-23 who have experience with mental health, substance abuse and/or foster care related issues; and who are committed to making positive changes in their lives while encouraging others to do the same.

When: March 23th, noon-5pm.
Where: Tempe Beach Park


TFC cleans Wells Fargo Arena

Valentine Day, Victory at game, Vitality of The Faithful City Crush Servant Leaders cleaning the ASU Wells Fargo arena through midnight!

Go ASU and Cheers TFC Servant Leaders with amazing servant heart !!!

Stadium Cleaning

SHINE on Valentine's Day

The Lord blessed TFC SHINE so much as we start the 2nd semester with the great family from nations!

S H I N E - tutoring and mentoring meets every 2nd and 4th Friday of the month. Fellowship and interact with amazing servant leaders!
Experience, Connect, Learn and Serve the Community with Mentoring, Music, Art, Language etc.
Time : 5:00pm - 6:30pm
Location: 1040 E Apache Blvd, Tempe, AZ 85281


TFC Shampoo Drive for HopeFest 2014

The Faithful City CRUSH servant leaders are taking SHAMPOO Drive for HOPE FEST!! Please join us to pick up or donate shampoos!!

To participate in the drive email -

Hope Fest

CORA Tempe Service Day

Council of Religious Advisors @ ASU (CORA) Tempe Service Day organize The Centers for Habilitation (TCH) Carnival at ASU Old Main. We served TCH clients with lots of games and The Faithful City served with face painting.


ASU Humanity 101 - Interfaith Discussion

ASU Humanity 101 Interfaith Panel Discussion, Shankar is participating from The Faithful City!


TFC marches in MLK Parade

The Faithful City is part of Mesa MLK parade celebration! Love & Respect for MLK and the legacy!!

We marched for MLK festival in Mesa, as part of global community for better world tomorrow!!


TFC participates MLK Day

The Faithful City Crush Servant-Leader participated Mesa MLK Festival with parade, info table and volunteering for surveying the crowd.

March for the justice as Crush Servant Leaders !!


"A" Mountain Top Prayer - January 1st, 7AM

Happy New Year, Everyone! We, The Faithful City, proclaimed Psalm 46 over the city with blessings of the Lord to embrace year of 2014 with our blessing on the community!!!


CRUSH Servant Leader Awards 2013

CRUSH Servant Leadership Awards for 2013 were awarded to Pastor Dave Beach, Greg Dee, Erica Goble and Nihanth Wagmi.
Annual TFC CRUSH Servant Leadership Luncheon with amazing servant leaders from nations to the community! — at Arizona State University - Memorial Union.
Pastor Brian Warwick and Dr. Beth Larson share their amazing life stories to inspire young servant leaders. Many other exemplary leaders from the Community, Business, Civic and Academic areas were present to connect with upcoming servant leaders.

CRUSH Awards

TFC SHINE Team presents @ MyLife

The SHINE Project Team which has been working throughout the semester to empower underprivileged youth through mentoring and relationships presents @ MyLife.
SHINE! We are so grateful for SHINE participants this semester!! Go SHINE, TFC CRUSH Servant Leaders!!
S – Share Love.
H – Hangout and Help.
I – Inform and Inspire.
N – Nurture and re-NEW.
E – Eat and Engage.

Hudson News

TFC Recognized in Hudson Manor Newsletter

The Faithful City is recognized for its dedication to the Hudson Park Beautification Project for the past four years. Phil sent Hudson Manor News Letter that commended TFC. Thank you Phil! It was our joy to attend Hudson GAIN!!

Hudson News

GAIN Neighborhood Event

The Faithful City (TFC) at the GAIN Neighborhood Event where TFC has been partnering with the City of Tempe to Serve the Hudson Park neighborhood by cleaning the park every first Saturday of the month. As part of the GAIN event TFC offered face painting for kids and adults in the neighborhood.

Project SHINE

ASU partnering with TFC for USL Program

Brooke Cheser an Arizona State Univerity (ASU) Intern with The Faithful City for the University Service Learning Program made a class presentation at ASU with her experience and involvement with TFC Community Service Projects.

Project SHINE

Multiethnic Worship Gathering

Multi-Ethnic Worship Gathering was launched as a gathering of all nations coming together to worship Jesus.
It was a wonderful time of Communion, Worship and Prayer.

Project SHINE

Project S H I N E

Project SHINE was a great start! Every 2nd & 4th Friday 5-6:30pm at 1040 E. Apache Blvd, Tempe for mentoring, tutoring & great fellowship and amazing servant leaders!
Experience, Connect, Learn and Serve the Community with Mentoring, Music, Art, Language etc.

Project SHINE

TFC CRUSH Servant Leader Training

CRUSH Servant Leadership training started at ASU. Many young people groups from many nations with many exciting projects for the semester will be planned and done by all these good servant hearted young people! Huge blessing from God.
When : Every Thursday 7:30pm
Where : Memorial Union @ ASU RM 242 Lapaz

Project CRUSH

TFC MELT Multi-Ethnic Worship

MELT worship service and discipleship training every Sunday. Come join us at The Danforth Chapel @ ASU

When : Every Sunday 11:00am
Where : Danforth Chapel @ ASU


ASU Mastercard Foundation Scholars join Hudson Park Cleanup

The Faithful City is joined by ASU Mastercard Foundation Scholars for Hudson Park Cleanup

Hudson Park Cleanup

Handyman and Bike Repair Workshop

TFC conducted a Handyman and Bike Repair workshop lead by Joel Selby and Chris Cooley. The Bike workshop covered basic bicycle maintenance and how to change the tyre. Afterwards, the participants practiced performed basic maintenance on their bikes with help of Chris Cooley. The handyman workshop taught participants the use of power tools and other carpentry equipment. Various carpentry projects were assigned and completed by the participants.

HURT/COMPEF drew academic interest

HURT/COMPEF was used as a case study by Eunae Yoo, who defended her thesis on April 11, 2013. In her defense, she studied various aspects of HURT & COMPEF and the role of human logistics in disaster preparedness.


Carmalin A. Sophie created an Indian version of HURT & COMPEF called SMARTER. She delivered a project presentation at the U.S. Counsellate, India on the project's benefits.

Balancing Faith and Studies - State Press

The State Press published an article about balancing faith and studies and found that students who are active in faith communities found benifits in time management, support and perspective. Various religious leaders at ASU were cited in this article including Pastor Sanghoon Yoo founder of The Faithful City.

Good Friday

TFC celebrated Good Friday 2013 on 3/30/2013 by organizing a lock-in at the City in the Desert Metro Church. Prayer and foot-washing ceremony were conducted and lots of fun and games followed as the TFC members had great fun by playing games and joining in the festive occassion.

TFC Coordinates with Open Table

TFC is going to coordinate with Open Table and My Life to create a collaboration to help young people with serious life problems. Groups of people will come together to focus on one individual to help and mentor, bring about recovery and actualize their life purpose.

CORA - Service Day at Hudson Park

The Council of Religious Advisors (CORA) at ASU organized a Service Day at Hudson Park where people from Tempe Center for Habilitation (TCH) brought their clients for a day of carnival. It was a great day with a lot of CORA teams participating in the service.

Certificate of Appreciation

TFC received a certificate of appreciation from the Maricopa Department of Public Health for its work in spreading awareness about Emergency Preparedness.

Certificate of Recognition

The Office of the Governer, City of Tempe awarded TFC a certificate of recognition for it work in helping the community and working to bring about a positive change.

TFC receives Outstanding Service Award

The City of Tempe gave TFC the Outstanding Service award for Adopt-a-Park program with Hudson park beautification project. Meanwhile, TFC leaders braved the hot weather to clean the Hudson Park once again on June 7th!

TFC makes it to The State Press

ASU newspaper The State Press took notice of TFC's regular park clean up and covered our activities in their newspaper. This month, TFC went about its regular schedule to clean the Hudson Park. TFC was joined by Tempe Metropolitan Church (TMC) who have been helping TFC clean Hudson Park since October 2011. After cleaning, there was BBQ and sports where people from the neighborhood joined in.

Pastor Yoo talks about "Relational Inspiration for Lifestyle Servant Leadership" .

The Fall Forward Leadership Conference was held at ASU on Oct 15th, 2011. Pastor Sanghoon Yoo talked about how relationship building is a key part of servant leadership. He presented the servant leadership lifestyle followed at TFC which is based on building sincere relationships, mentoring and multi-cultural sensitivity.

COMPEF Network was activated to help out at a Mobile Home Park.

COMPEF being put in action when a fire broke out at a Mobile Home Park in Tempe. Fire and Police departments rushed to put out the fire and salvage the property. The fire broke out in the Manager's Mobile Home, which also housed the electricity grid for the entire Mobile Park. Due to the fire, the entire community was left without electricity on the hottest day of the year. COMPEF network was set in motion by the Mike Reichling from the Fire department...

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